Links: Resources we use



  • The Scale of the Universe – an animation showing the size of everything in relation to everything else. We’ve spent hours looking at it, zooming in and out.
  • Reading Eggs – games and things to help a child learn to read. There’s a two-week free trial, after which it’s a subscription service.
  • Khan Academy – Video lessons on almost everything, apparently, but we have mainly used the videos and exercises for maths.
  • Pitara Math Magic – Basic arithmetic

Bought objects

  • “Learning Resources” Fraction Tower Cubes
  • Five in a Row – we have the first curriculum set only, but one day we might get more. We haven’t bothered filling in the gaps for missing books, because it’s mainly for those days when I don’t feel up to our usual educational stuff.
  • Oxford Reading Tree books, though actually you can get a lot of them from libraries.
  • Cuisenaire rods – though actually our set was a gift, these are lovely and brilliant.
  • School Surplus paper products – huge bundles of heavy A1 and A2 paper, either plain for art or squared for graphs and charts and things. Also a good source of notebooks, exercise books, glue etc.
  • The Blue Planet documentary series narrated by David Attenborough, DVD set.
  • The Magic School Bus DVDs – these are lovely, though I know some people find the American accents hard to take, much as I do the English accents on Button Moon (especially the vegetables).