Daily routine

R gets up about 6am, gets dressed, makes his tea and my coffee, puts a box of cereal on the table for Eldest, leaves to catch his train. Eldest gets up about 6:30am, gets dressed, eats breakfast. I get up about 6:45-55 (R phones me at 6:55 in case I miss the alarm) and go downstairs to help her with the final bits of leaving the house. She leaves at 7:20 to get two buses across town to school (since it got too cold and dark to cycle; she hasn’t resumed cycling since the mornings brightened). She could leave later but she prefers to be in plenty of time with all her stuff well-prepped.

I usually go back to bed to find Youngest has got into the warm bit and is waiting for morning snuggles. But sometimes there’s a delivery or – as recently – some house repairs meaning builders etc arriving at 8.

Middlest wakes about 8 ish usually.

Then there’s “our day” which is as variable as it ever was, except that since I got ill we don’t go out as much. And about 3:30pm I start to wait for Eldest to come home from school. There are Drama, Swimming, Guides, and Rainbows on Monday-Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday we have clear afternoons at home.

When Eldest rejoins the family, I have a guided chat with her about her day, one school period at a time, and we figure out what homework is needed when and whether there’s anything I need to talk to the school about, sign, buy, photocopy, sew, etc. Then I attempt to supervise homework, which is variable in quantity and boringness.

And then we argue about not eating what’s for have dinner, attempt to prep school bag and uniform for the following morning, and watch things on TV, YouTube, Netflix, iPlayer or whatever. We didn’t used to have bedtime TV but for some reason we developed a regular bedtime screaming and TV seems preferable. Eldest goes to sleep earliest, and gets up 90-120 minutes before the others too. She winds down by playing games on her smartphone and watching YouTube videos about other people playing games. Managing kids’ internet access is a whole raft of terrifying I don’t really feel equipped to deal with, but we have to figure it out somehow. Middlest is currently watching Downton with R, and Youngest is rewatching Call the Midwife with me.


That’s the basic structure of our day, around which the rest is built. Or falls.


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