Is anyone still reading?

I haven’t posted since July of last year, because so much has happened it was all too daunting. I’d quite like to do a series of catch-up posts.

Eldest is a joy and a delight and has started school, and is the first in our family to have a confirmed diagnosis of Autism, though won’t be the last by a long shot; which of us is next depends greatly on waiting lists. School has been a massive, massive change for everyone in the whole family but she loves it and we love her particular school.

Middlest is a joy and a delight and cooking up a storm.

Youngest is a joy and a delight and gathering her numeracy wits about her.

We’re at our most child-led ever, because school pushed me right over that – it’s the most child-led thing I’ve ever done, I think. So we’re more child-led with the other two as well, now, and it’s interesting to watch.

Today, we are trying to devise a schoolwork and homework management system so nothing gets lost or crumpled, cooking croque-monsieur and making salad, and stomping about upstairs doing very busy and important things.



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    Still reading


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