11yo got a magazine in May with a recipe in it.


On Monday she demonstrated an ability to clean up after preparing a snack in the kitchen, so yesterday we went out and bought the ingredients, and today we baked.

No, she baked. I just sat by, prompting, reading instructions aloud, and helping maintain focus and calm so that the project could be completed.

We started with a clear, clean table, and a tray, because keeping things collected helps avoid chaos. Then we gathered the scales, mixing bowl, stirring and measuring spoons. After that we gathered the ingredients for the cakes, but not the toppings.

With all that ready, we were able to check the oven was empty and set it to preheat.

Then she weighed her ingredients. Flour first, then sieved into the bowl. Two kinds of sugar. Marg. The battery on the scales went flat but we figured out, using arithmetic, that it was probably OK to within a gramme or two ( we were right). As she finished with each ingredient she put it away.

She broke the eggs into a little bowl on a plate, to guard against eggshell and spills, and then I put the mixing bowl on the stand mixer and she switched it on.

She measured coffee for flavouring. The instructions said to get an adult to add the hot water to the coffee, so I did that bit.

When the mix was all done she put a cookie in each of the cupcake cases and then used two spoons to transfer the mixture. She tried to put the tray in the oven but the blast of heat was too much, so I did that. She set a timer, then cleared the last of the baking from the table and wiped her tray.


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