Quarterly report

8yo recently asked if all the things were made up of really, really tiny things, squashed closed together. It turned out she was talking about molecules, and a few days later she worked out that the air is also made of molecules. I’m not sure where that train of thought came from, but today she asked about infinity and went Ooooooo when I gave a potted explanation. Her maths is money-centric and she’s getting interested in the tricks you can do with a compass.

4yo can swim underwater and is getting to grips with a bike with pedals. She can write LVOE MUM and does, frequently. She can count and add up and draws with her eyes open and then tries to reproduce her drawing with her eyes closed, which is hilarious and surprisingly accurate – humans are better at this than I’d have guessed.

11yo has been practicing her handwriting, because she has decided to start school. She picked a school and we applied and she’s been to see it a few times, and today she had a first transition day. She’s really looking forward to the next one, and to starting. I’ve made a spreadsheet to calculate where to buy which bits of uniform and how to budget for them. We’re going to save money though because when she outgrows her school trainers and shoes I can have them. Did you know girls’ school uniform blouses come in a variety of shapes including a “no peep” style?

We’ve just renewed the Aquila magazine subscription and I’ve also sent for a trial of First News, a weekly newspaper for children. In general the newspapers are too gory and upsetting but they try to read them anyway, so this is worth a try, I think.


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