At dinner last night, 10yo asked “What’s a megabyte?” and we ended up with a discussion of counting in binary (she found it easier than I did, but I didn’t learn until I was 20), how old-fashioned hard drives work, what a floppy is, and other things she learned she didn’t know while reading User Friendly, which is how I learned where my books of User Friendly are now.

Then I spent the evening watching David Attenborough with a 4yo who refused to go to sleep.

Today I learned that the 8yo has learned to read inside her head so she can read while eating. I have no idea how long she has been able to do this, because looking at books without reading them and reading silently look and sound very similar from the outside.

Also 10yo has been learning her lines for her drama group show at the end of the month. I am hoping the drama class will address enunciation and speed of delivery…


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