There was a WordPress security issue and I did precisely nothing about it except switching off admin rights. Er. Anyway, I’m here now. I’ve been ill — over Christmas there were five days I wasn’t well enough to get dressed at all, and there are many more days when I can’t dress until after noon — but education still happens, because that’s what being alive is about.


A while back I gave my (probably dyslexic for writing as well as reading, definitely with coordination issues) eldest a few lessons in correct letter formation and then ignored her for months. She’s ten. Ignoring was a good idea, it turns out; her handwriting improved so much her Nana didn’t recognise that the Christmas cards were from her. It’s a reasonable size and perfectly legible, now, and she doesn’t hate writing or feel she’s a failure at it. Laissez faire FTW. My handwriting goal here is simple: I want her to become an adult who can read her own handwriting.

The 8yo is reading more and more, and listening to ever more complex audiobooks, though we’re not letting her have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because the ending is too upsetting for us to cope with helping her through it. Independent reading and independent ingestion of texts aren’t the same skillset, it turns out. Who knew? Her handwriting is variable but I’m not bothered by it; she writes what she wants when she wants to.

Both older children have phones for text-messaging, which is supposedly helping them learn to spell. It feels a bit odd to give a phone to an 8yo but she hasn’t taken it outside the house so far.

The 4yo has moved on to asking for a chapter book occasionally, though she’s not thrilled by the lack of coloured pictures, and she’s writing on and off, when she wants. She doesn’t enjoy Reading Eggs lessons, possibly because we don’t have any good computer/mouse setups. I’ll try something else later.

And now the children want me to do interacting, toodle-pip.


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