Sexism spotting

On Tuesday last week we all snuggled up on the sofa and in armchairs and watched The Great British Sewing Bee. The children and I had watched the first episode on iPlayer before, and the nine-year-old, in particular, was fascinated by the making of the sleeveless cotton top, wool skirt, and silk nighties. The second episode made her very nearly cry, though.

They made a skirt,  things from old shirts, and men’s pyjamas. And when they were discussing the pyjamas, they said “comfort” and “comfortable” several times. She had noticed – as I had not – that they didn’t say that even once when discussing the women’s nighties, the previous week.

I’ve just watched that section on iPlayer again, and she’s right, they didn’t. Not once.

I thought it was a harmless show about sewing. I was impressed that there were men sewing, that there was no male co-presenter to “balance” the woman, that the historians they interviewed were mainly women, all that. She spotted the fairly basic difference between dressing for oneself and for someone else.

Comfortable nightwear. Wow.


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