*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

One. One two. One. One. One two. One two. Ahem.

It’s time for my annual post, I guess. We’ve come out of a long hard haul, lifewise and are starting up again. Christmas brought chemistry sets, so we’re baking again, and there were cheap cartridge pens so the older two are practising their handwriting. My eldest signed up for Mathletics. The youngest counts to ten and a bit. I’ve almost totally stopped painting, but they’ve all just started up again. Train tracks are big. Telly is big. Stars and planets are big. Reading is the biggest of all, for the eldest, and medium-large for the others, though they’re not independent readers yet really.

I expect this year to go rather better than last, what with no chronic illness, no building works, and plenty of space and time.


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