Feeling incoherent

We’ve been in a weird place lately. Not literally, in that we’ve been at home, but we took the toddler for a tonsillectomy on Thursday and have spent the last five days at home without visitors to minimise her risk of infection. Today was the first day I did anything overtly educational because I’ve been mainly providing the calories and fluid for the toddler, in a preprocessed kind of way, and lamenting that no-one told me an adenoidectomy would have a major, dramatic effect on breastfeeding.


Last night I printed off a bunch of Lear and Milne poems and some MEP Y6 worksheets, and today I stuck the poems to the dining room door and read them to the kids, and they had a whack at illustrating them. The 9yo produced an interesting and quite faithful to the poem Pobble, and the 6yo did a Jumblies drawing with the focus on the Sieve.

Then I got out my maths sheets and I did some (working out what the questions mean is interesting. It was mainly about place value, I think, unless I misunderstood completely) and the older two did some of their own, with coloured pens. I find it very interesting how they can do far more complicated things mathematically than they can do when presented with a worksheet, but they are beginning to agree with me that learning to speak “worksheet and textbook language” might be important. And I need to learn alongside them, because it’s not a language in which I have ever been fluent. E (age 6) is, like me, inclined to nitpick the ambiguities even when she understands the actual intent.

And finally, we did some handwriting. This is because everyone finds Rob’s handwriting almost impossible to read, and they don’t want to end up like that. BUT it turns out that E doesn’t want to write lower case EVER except the letters e and i. And L doesn’t want to practice, just to be able to do it, magically.

So we stopped and ate some of the bread I’d made instead.

I think they also watched quite a bit of telly. We have a trampoline in front of the telly now. Oh, and they did the basic pocketmoney sums of working out how much money they had and how many sweets they could buy with it. And some complicated games we didn’t see but overheard chunks of, which wasn’t as alarming today as it is sometimes.

The last thing I heard them doing was being fax machines.


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