Today the three girls lay down on a roll of paper and I drew their outlines. They then coloured them in demonstrating their usual artistic interests – one experimented with expressions of femininity and aspirational consumerism, one worked hard at representative art and attempted an accurate representation of what she’d been wearing, and one was a toddler so she put an eye – I think it was an eye – and some probably-hair on and then walked on it and sat on her sister’s tummy.

We’ve also had a conversation recently about a website they saw advertised on CITV; Movie Star Planet, it’s called, and we had our first “No, you will not be allowed to access that site, because here’s why that’s why.”

And the six-year-old is learning to read and she’s LOVING it. She’s read to me and to her baby sister and to her dad and to my friend Diz, and she says “I’m REALLY enjoying this!” and TRIES SO HARD and there are little triumphant noises when she figures out a tricky word.

I have no idea what the eight-year-old was doing with Aquila magazine and a calculator but it seemed to be pretty good.

The most difficult thing today was the toddler’s relentless tantrumming. She’s tired, she’s got the same heavy cold the rest of us have, she has nightmares about not breathing interrupted by her obstructive apnea waking her up, she doesn’t like her life much at the moment. In between moments of exuberant joy, like.


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