Bananagrams, MEP and continuing illnesses

We were digging in the garden lately and found several E tiles from Bananagrams, which reminded me to investigate how to source replacements. I emailed the UK contact address as follows -


I have found almost all the Bananagrams tiles buried in the garden by my eldest child (E for END of the garden, T for Tomato, H for playHouse, etc) but am still missing seven – T, OO, EEEE. Can replacements be obtained if we promise not to let the children learn to read ever again?


And received the following response:

Dear Ailbhe,

Thanks for your email. We will be H РHAPPY to send replacements! In the special case of your tiles being buried Рwe will send you an E for ENTIRE new game Р then you have plenty S Рspares for your daughter to hide in the garden!

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Rena Nathanson  President  BANANAGRAMS

And a few days later, a whole set did indeed arrive in the post! I’m not letting anyone touch them in case they decide this is a cool new way to get extra tiles.

I printed out a bunch of MEP sheets for ALL THREE children and we’ve tackled them with varying degrees of enthusiasm and success. The younger two only want to do them because the eldest is, and the eldest is so interested in the others’ sheets that she neglects her own because she wants to HELP them by, um, telling them exactly what to do so that they don’t make any mistakes NO NOT LIKE THAT.

And we’re going to get a date to have the Monster Tonsils removed soon so that will be briefly exciting, followed by less briefly miserable what with the pain and all, and last of all we’ll have a toddler who is not woken by obstructive apnea every couple of minutes all night every night, and apparently she’ll start GROWING and EVERYTHING, which presumably means we’ll have to get new shoes. She’s hardly had any shoes so far. And also I’ll get some sleep then and can stop being so bloody suicidal all the damn time, and we’ll all be full of sunshine and roses and get out of the house EVERY DAY and DO THINGS and maybe, gawdhelpus, even SEE PEOPLE who don’t come to the house to ferret us out.

While I’m dreaming, I’d like a paddock, and a pony.

  1. DD’s avatar

    Love the bananagrams letters…both of them. What a great response.



    1. Ailbhe’s avatar

      I was SO IMPRESSED. The website says they can replace letters, but a whole set so quickly and in such a friendly way was quite something!



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