We’re doing one of our periodic checks to see where we’re at. L has been doing some MEP maths and it turns out the main issue isn’t the maths but turning the questions INTO maths. Words, ugh, who’d have them?

She also set me an algebra test the other day. I got a C+.

We’ve been seeing a lot of mathsy type manipulation lately; even the toddler is identifying shapes and changing them into new shapes, the older children are making complicated non-functional interesting Lego structures which demonstrate various things about odd and even numbers, and we’re measuring space in the garden for a tiny summerhouse for me to paint in.

We also did a stint of measuring how much water a bunch of daffs used overnight, which was interesting. They are, unsurprisingly, thirstier straight from the shop than after they open. It leads nicely into picking water up in a straw and surface tension. I’m working up the courage to do the pepper-and-soap demonstration, but so far haven’t come to terms with the inevitable proliferation of food and detergent based experiments that would ensue. All over the house, ensuing like mad.

I will though. Soon.


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