What have they been learning?

Eldest has joined a New Thing, a drama class on Saturday mornings. So Middlest naturally wants to join too — Eldest came home and basically told her she had to or she wasn’t really living — and I’ve shuffled her swimming lessons around to match.

Youngest is definitely counting (as distinct from reciting) up to four. She also likes to Put On A Show – NOW CLAP – and swims with enormous enthusiasm and very little regard for personal safety.

Recently all three of them have been painting like mad; I think it’s because I make sure the dining table is reliably clear last thing at night so there’s a handy surface. That, and they all have quality solid watercolours – the Cotman Pocket Sketchers sets from Winsor and Newton have gorgeous colours but make very little mess, cost about £5 or £6, and fit in a pocket very easily, so I make a point of getting them for children when I see them on sale at a low enough price. The colours are nothing like the cheapie watercolours I remember from my own wet, mud-toned childhood.

Eldest keeps starting books and magazines.

Middlest is on a huge Lego kick.

They are all getting on very well with each other, which isn’t always true. And with me, except when I find the thing they did in the bathroom with the bubble bath, the frisbee, and the water.


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