Months ago since last post!


Well, things have been ticking along. Some days we’re structured, some we’re not. We have recently been playing card games – it started with Timeline which we got fromĀ Eclectic Games and then we added Fluxx and Uno. The two older children have been practicing handwriting on and off. The eldest is reading up a storm – her history is pretty solid, on lots of topics – and the youngest listens to audiobooks as much as possible. Lego has been Big News but there is so much in the house now that one of the sets we got in August has only just been built. We have a Sorting Head, which is a set of sieves to grade it by size so we can sort it into boxes quicker.

The younger two are getting better and better at balancing on bikes and will probably be cycling relatively soon; the eldest has stopped wanting to learn that at all and is perfectly happy with the scooter. She has also lately developed an interest in cooking and is starting to help with food prep almost as much as the middle one. She can make tea and coffee, and cook pasta unaided, and she has a good potato salad recipe which she makes as long as the cold potatoes are already there. Which sometimes they are.

I’d like to take better notes of what we do. I might. You never know.

  1. hharicot’s avatar

    great to see you back blogging :) just doing a catchup around the blogring :)


    1. Ailbhe’s avatar

      Gosh, hallo! I’m not at all sure I’m back blogging but I can try!


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