No dread today, only eagerness, and lots of enthusiasm when I asked them to demo how long they could balance on their balance bikes with their feet off the ground! (The answer is, long enough to start using pedals as soon as we put them on). They even SUGGESTED biking to the library, instead of walking.

  1. Caroline (Frogmum/TMFH)’s avatar

    What balance bikes do you have? I am considering one for my 5 yo (to be inherited by my 2yo later on). Am I right in understanding you can add pedals on to yours? I’ve not seen ones like that…


    1. Ailbhe’s avatar

      We just got a bike that fit the child, and took the pedals off! When she’s confident enough (round about when she leaves home, at this rate, unless we get a long spell of fine weather…) we’ll put them back on.



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