The toddler (2 year old) is identifying letters when she passes street signs, and demanding “What dove dat shay?” of almost all written matter.

The 6 and 8 year olds are creating a binary counting system for a stuffed hedgehog, because it can’t count past 2 yet.

The 6 year old has somehow made me explain single-cell reproduction and evolution using only my hands long after bedtime in the light spilling in to her bunkbed from the open bedroom door.

The 8 year old seems to have sorted out fractions and percentages herself and is working on probability. She’s a bit careless with basic addition and subtraction, but can do it when she focuses. Money is no longer a mystery to her (though she can’t quite understand that the physical notes, coins etc have value; they are just numbers and tokens to her).

History and animals are still the biggest hottest things in town.

I just heard them yelling “Should we turn the gravity on?” “Oh yeah, I don’t want to cling onto this chair forever.” “Of course, I’m trying to steer myself upstairs and -” “Aughaughaugh!” “- gravity’s on!” “Phew.”

  1. Lucy’s avatar

    I LOVE your children a LOT. They are so BRILLIANT. :D



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