And breathe

“Stop shouting!” I shouted.


Anyway, then I said “Nobody is to speak to me ever again until I have had three deep breaths and I can’t see what you want me to look at because I AM CLOSING MY EYES.”

So I took three deep breaths with my eyes closed and held my fingers up to show the girls the count.

Then I was able to handle interacting with the on a reasonably normal level.

The tricky bit is that this was all in a public place – a department store where we had been trapped for NINE MILLION YEARS failing to achieve proper errands because people were hungry and needed a wee and had a sore throat and kept tripping up over the scooter we were dragging everywhere with us and… But I didn’t lose my temper properly, I flipped out and caught myself and took my deep breaths and sorted the errands and got us the hell out of there and FED US FOOD and gave the in-pain child painkillers.

Somewhere along the line I started to lose my fear of looking like a numpty and gained an ability to prioritise being a decent parent even if I looked silly in public.

Maybe there’s hope for us yet.


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