Day out: Museum of English Rural Life

Today we did minimal housework, ate lunch, went to the library, paid fines, got a couple of new books, made a note that Owen’s Animals are there on 30 June, got the bus to the hospital, went to a museum, walked halfway home, got a bus, came home, ate, did bedtime. It was, unlike most of my days recently, fine.

We nipped briefly in to the Museum of English Rural Life for maybe an hour today. I’ve lived here for ten years and we’d never been before, which is mad considering how very close to the hospital it is and how often we seem to be there, but today we were in Paediatric Audiology so that someone could look at the toddler’s tonsils, and when we came out there was the museum, just across the road. So in we went.

It was lovely. We’ll have to go back to do it properly, but there is lots of extra information attached to the displays, some dressing up clothes (we love the Roman clothes in the Silchester Gallery at Reading Museum), and 14 rats to find (we managed 8 between the three of us, today). There’s a working model of a threshing machine, which I enjoyed; they are major plot points in several books I can think of, from Laura Ingalls to Walter Macken. There are also several films to watch, which we might do next time.

There was even stuff in the shop the kids could afford – a Victorian girl paper doll with four outfits, and a pencil, and some Kendal Mint Cake.


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