Idle thought

I often, when remembering a child’s inconvenient or inconsiderate “misbehaviour” or “bad manners,” remember it as a moment of that child’s strength of character or self-belief or honesty or clearsightedness or…

I wonder why I don’t think of that in the moment? is it to do with a need to socialise them?

  1. hobbitbabe’s avatar

    For me, those reactions in the moment had motives like wanting to WIN an argument or contest with the kid, or like feeling like the visiting grandparent or neighbour was somehow judging me. It somehow brought me back into how frustrated I felt when I was eight and my mother was not listening to me, but not in a way that put me in empathy with the kid.

    We used to say to each other, in calmer moments, that this self-confidence and honesty and so on would be great when they were adults. And now, you know, they are adults (27.5 and almost 25, eeep), and it is totally true.



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