It’s practically summer. We ate lunch and dinner in the garden. And for the first time in two years, E (5yo) wasn’t interested in planting food this spring, so we haven’t done ANY before today.

Today I did it myself; I planted courgettes, parsley, radishes, chives, basil, leeks and cauliflowers, and discovered that the tomato, spinach and something else seeds have all gone missing. I’ll have to buy more, at some point.

The most difficult thing with gardening this year is going to be water. I was able to re-use a lot of last year’s compost, and we can refresh it with our own compost, so that was free and ethical. We can feed things with the disgusting smelly liquid from the bokashi bins. But watering will be tricky; we’re in drought and although the hosepipe ban isn’t here yet, it’s obviously not good to waste water just because it’s still legal.

The garden is lovely; the narcissi are out on one side, and red tulips all blowsy and poppy-like on the other, and I can see that it will all be luscious and full of food soon. We do need to get a wiggle on with the potatoes though. If the children are truly uninterested I’ll just have to do it myself but that feels wrong somehow; we got them free as an educational resource. I suppose they’ll learn what a potato is anyway.

The baby is using sentences and verbalising complex concepts.


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