TWO! Two reading children!

Aha! My eldest reads like crazy, though we are now beginning to keep up with her intake ok, but the middle child didn’t much want to until lately. It turns out that in spite of not wanting to she can read the names of almost all the characters in the “Floppy books” (Oxford Reading Tree) and a few things like “a,” “the,” “and,” etc.

I have bought a bunch of Key Stage materials so that I have some idea of what other people will expect them to know. Looks like they know pretty much most of it and I can see about filling in the gaps if that looks appropriate. We Shall See.

There’s nothing in there about their areas of special interest, though, because I got the stuff in WHS. Human Anatomy, Sewing, Growing Food, and Cooking aren’t part of the under-sevens tested standards, it seems – literacy and numeracy are the big ones.

Ah well. I’ve never been very big anyway.


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