Ramona Forever!

Linnea and I are having a wonderful time. I mean, she’s ill, and on antibiotics which mean we have to seriously schedule her eating opportunities, but she found a Ramona book (Beverly Cleary) and liked it, so I’ve been ordering the rest from Abebooks and when they arrive we pounce on them, argue over who gets to read it first, talk about them – it’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.

She also sat with me today to watch a signed story and we both loved it.

And she has been learning, of her own accord and with great determination, to do the laundry. Sorting loads is still tricky – we had to do a colour-run remover session yesterday. But even so.

  1. Rivka’s avatar

    Oh, Ramona is wonderful! I loved those books when I was a kid, and when I read them to Alex I discovered that they've held up beautifully. Beverly Cleary does such a great job of conveying a child's inner life.


  2. Ailbhe’s avatar

    I discovered today that the idea to give Linnea Kleenex for her first Christmas present came from Ramona! Two more arrived in the post and so we were able to read one each and swap over.



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