As sure as eggs is eggs!

I know for sure that Linnea learned something, from me, today. It’s not often I can point at something and say “This she has learned from her mother!” but today she learned that eggs are runny inside their shells sometimes (though as far as I know they still default to hard-boiled).

A week or two ago she started asking to peel her own hard-boiled eggs at lunchtime, which of course I proudly permitted, and today she was about to help me make scrambled eggs by cracking the eggs open exactly as she does for hard-boiled ones. I snatched one from her tender infant grasp and cracked it myself, to demonstrate, and then she agreed to be more careful. She was intrigued by the runniness (“Is very juicy!”) and enjoyed whisking them.

Unusually, she wasn’t interested in stirring them in the pan, but she did watch them cooking.


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