Cooking With Knives

My daughter, today, is two years, 4 months, 27 days old. She is learning with knives.

She’s in the kitchen with Rob right now. I think she expressed an interest in peeling potatoes but he might have offered. The potato peeler is a bit blunt, but she sat on a high stool in front of the sink and had a go. The potatoes were very slippery, mind. She said so.

Then they chopped and rinsed broccoli.

Now they’re peeling the leaves and silk off the sweetcorn.

She’s have a fabulous time, she’s out of my hair, it’s not slowing him down much…

Last night, she and I made Bara Brith in 15 minutes (er, plus 90 minutes baking time, but you can’t have everything). It hasn’t been cut yet but it looks fabulous.

She sees no difference between this and the games she plays with her plastic animals, except that for this she has company and for the animals she does all the voices herself. If anything, she likes this far, far more.


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