Lately, I ‘ave mostly been…

Learning, obv.

Mainly, learning stuff I didn’t know my kid could do. Like rearranging the jumbled letters of words to get the right spellings. She did “apple” for a friend recently.

And she counts. And plays complicated role-play games with numbers. And draws eyes with pupils, irises, and lashes. She repeats words accurately when asking strangers to explain themselves (today’s word was “concentrating” as in “Look! Look at my am concentrating!”) and likes to help women dress and undress their (usually sleeping) babies.

The baby kid – minnaun, máis é do thoil é – is learning to signal aye and nay, and said “Hello” to me today. It’s a word she hears often enough, I suppose.

  1. Helen P’s avatar

    Felicity’s word of the day today was ‘concentrating’ too!

    In our case, I was sitting at the table trying to revise for a Latin test (and being interrupted every 2 minutes at least!) and she said ‘are you concentrating, Mummy?’

    I believe my answer was something along the lines of ‘yes darling, I am trying to….’ :-)



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