Feels unremarkable

We haven’t done much remarkable lately. The five-year-old is learning to read, fairly organically. The seven-year-old is reading voraciously, a mixture of Enid Blyton and non-fiction and things she finds lying around. The one-year-old can stand on tiptoe and almost jump.

Weirdly, I haven’t read to the older two for AGES. I’d like to, but I am not sure how to invite them to join me; they are always so BUSY. We’ve done a bit of cooking together, housework, adding up and measuring. I’ve been teaching the eldest the tricks of spelling and mental arithmetic, mainly when I’m too busy to go and help her “properly” but it all seems to help.

Biology continues to fascinate. I guess just having a body is interesting in itself. Certainly the one-year-old likes getting her clothes out of the way and having a good explore.

They’ve been interested to see how potplants revive when watered after a prolonged period of neglect. And how mould grows in damp places. Educational housework. Heh.


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