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We had fun growing potatoes this year. We haven’t finished yet – there’s another bagful to harvest – but so far Emer and I have set seeds potatoes out in the sun to harden up the eyes, planted them, earthed them up, kept them watered, gently harvested the first batch with fingertips in the soil, pulled up the whole thing a week later for the last few, and examined the plant afterwards. Emer was very taken with the shriveled ex-potato surrounded by roots covered in tiny weeny baby potatoes.

I’ve already put us on the list to do it again next year. It should remind me to buy more potato seeds too, because growing them in bags is brilliant for me – we can just harvest a bagful when we want to, and we’ll always know where they are and how many are left. And empty bags fold down for storage, of course.

Emer was impressed by sieving flour. I wonder what she’ll think of sieving compost, come the autumn?

Fruit bushes growing where we planted dead sticks

Flowers where we planted bulbs

Lego coming down from the attic like a plague of locusts, covering everything

Old dinosaur-excavation toys with bonus demonic goggles

Yogo is like yoga but for children, apparently: This is a still of “lightning.”

Jam sandwiches, sewing, and Harriet Tubman


The older two decided that all three girls should wear matching dresses and tights – to match one another’s, not with regard to the composition of the outfit – and we went to storytime at the library

I need to take a bunch of photos of our plants, but I’m not getting around to it.

Various flowers have turned up from the bulbs we planted last year. The apple tree and fruit bushes are doing ok, in spite of the raspberry bush having been uprooted; the others are ok and the raspberry might well survive. You never know.

The pots on the table in the bay window are all looking full of life and enthusiasm.

The potatoes from are chitted but we don’t have quite enough compost to plant them yet because we used it for other things. I’ll buy more compost soon and plant them. The milkman delivers compost, for some reason.

We have yet to chop up the tree we removed to make space for the apple tree, and we have yet to build the cold frame.

But I went out and found a major disaster zone today, so Emer and I spent a while tidying sticks while Linnea was clearing the bricks away from the base of the tree (“to stop it blowing over!”) and we are now no further backwards than we were on Friday, four days ago. We had a full and frank discussion about watering, too, and why pouring 10-litre buckets onto tiny areas isn’t the wisest course.

I love the verb “to chit.”

We got our free seed potatoes in the post a while back and today was the designated Chitting Day. So we did. It was something of an anticlimax – opening a packet and putting seven seed potatoes in eggboxes isn’t very exciting – so we also filled some pots with compost and planted basil and chives (we don’t know which is which because the seed packets were opened and investigated last week, all over the stairs) and marigolds, which have lovely seeds which we really enjoyed.

Then I almost collapsed and had to get back into bed, because I am still ill, but it was good to do something for a change.

Linnea was too ill to join in properly – she couldn’t focus enough to plant even one thing, just fidget and spill things and kick people – but when we do the next lot of things, which is tomatoes and radishes, I expect she’ll be able to help.

Antibiotics really do work. I do love having access to healthcare.

Last year’s window plants: here and here.

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