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L(8) did a science experiment. Actually, it’s ongoing. She’s testing the effect vinegar, water and air have on chicken bones. The answer is “not much after 18 hours.” We’ve been getting along much better in general, and I’m learning how to tie her physical and emotional and mental stuff together to create a new wholeness for her, an integrated self-experience, or something. That seemed fine until I wrote it down and now seems really woo-woo and poncy. She has also recently developed an interest in cooking, which is great.

E(almost 6) has been cooking up a storm and is very competent at separating eggs, peeling and chopping, pouring, and so on. Not so hot on measuring. She relies on L to use the microwave for her, because it’s very high up. She’s also ploughing on with learning to read, and writing a fair bit.

A(very nearly 2) is walking, talking, climbing, dressing herself (can’t manage socks yet), using the toilet or potty, counting to two and sometimes three, and learning more about names and how they work – she can now answer “what’s your name?” with her own, actual name.

I’ve been painting and selling paintings at another blog for a while and then I opened an Etsy Shop and it’s very exciting, for me and for the children – they find the process of painting, selling, using the money to buy more canvas, etc, novel and exciting. E in particular is very vocal about it.

Wowa (flower)
Bank (blanket)
Nana (Banana)
Bala (Koala)
Doph (Dolphin)

Toy bone (toy phone)
Doila (toilet)
Deed (need)
Dap (strap)
Udda (other)
Agedda (together)
Mee-mow (meatball)
Money 153

Sources outside the family have also reported three-word sentences.

We were very lax about recording the baby’s speech development, but a little while ago we sat down and tried to think of all the words she knew, and yesterday I wrote some more down. Here’s a record. For interest, her pronunciation is better than either of the other two at this stage, but the eldest (now 7) had far more complex sentences far younger. I might have accidentally duplicated some words, because they’re not in alphabetical order, so feel free to point that out.

From 17th March

Lide (slide)
limb (climb)
Wok (walk*)
Dump (jump)
Leep (sleep)
Wake (wake)
Beed (feed)10
Ead (read)
Go back (go back, return)
Ang (hang, as in up a coat)

Eema (Emer*)
Luce (Lucy)
Nea (Linnea)
Mum, Mama
Dad, Daddy
Ava (Ailbhe)
Me 20
from books
Jip (Chip)
Flop (Floppy)

Boy (child, baby)
Jair (chair)
Bayble (table)
Bow (bowl)
Bodgy (porridge) 30
Bed (bread)
Gake (cake)
bork (fork)
Dzhoo (shoe)
Way (away)
Boosh (boots)
Daw (door*)
Baw (ball) 40
Dep (step)
Deedee (DVD)
Dee (tree)
At (hat)
Gah (scarf)
Goat (coat)
Ouse (house) 50
Ba (bath)
Billow (pillow)
Monst (monster)
Hoss (horse)
Digah (tiger)
Nake (snake)
Gow (cow)
Baa (sheep) 60
Onk (pig, oink)
Jahf (giraffe)
Nyang (milk)
Ahm (arm*)
And (hand)
Dock (sock)
Doot (foot)
Leg 70
Bot (spot)
Maint (paint)
Mants (pants)
Ink (drink)
Baste (toothpaste)
Dow (doll)
Light 80
Not (snot)
Nigh (night)

Other words
heah (here*)
Bause (paused, of DVD etc)
Lou’ (loud)
Ti’ed (tired)
Noun (down) 90
Goad (cold)
Pease (please)

28 March
Shoda (shoulder)
Ebbow (elbow)
Go there 100
Over (turn over)
Boo (blue)
Onj (orange)
Noo bike (New bike)
Goota (scooter)
Lulu (Louis)
Leelo (Leo)
Wee 110
Goffee (coffee)

Lucy instead of Luce
Nappy instead of Mappy

(*native South-East-English people might think this isn’t babytalk)
Edit 29 March to add
gen (again),
‘mon (come on),
bate (plate),
Ninna (dinner),
Wobboo (wobble), 120
Gin (chin)
millllllk (milk)
digga (digger*)
dand (sand)
bush (push)
boota (computer)
baypa (paper) 130
digh (tights)
danda (sandal)
gahdah (garden)
og (frog)
angle/anga (hungry)
pup-pee (puppy)
appoo (apple)

Learning, obv.

Mainly, learning stuff I didn’t know my kid could do. Like rearranging the jumbled letters of words to get the right spellings. She did “apple” for a friend recently.

And she counts. And plays complicated role-play games with numbers. And draws eyes with pupils, irises, and lashes. She repeats words accurately when asking strangers to explain themselves (today’s word was “concentrating” as in “Look! Look at my am concentrating!”) and likes to help women dress and undress their (usually sleeping) babies.

The baby kid – minnaun, máis é do thoil é – is learning to signal aye and nay, and said “Hello” to me today. It’s a word she hears often enough, I suppose.

I pootle off into hospital for a few days and suddenly her speech becomes clearer, her sentences are more grammatical, and her vocabulary expands. Clearly I am holding her back.

No, but seriously, I’m very impressed. She started off by telling me, when I spoke to her from recovery after the c-section, “You have a baby Emer there!” and later when she came to see me she wanted to see “My bruvva” and “My sista” interchangably. It took a few days of no correction for her to change to “my sister” exclusively, but she still uses the masculine third person pronouns for her, in spite of mild correction. Presumably that, too, will sort itself out.

“Where’s your baby?” the midwife asked her today. “My baby a called my sister,” she replied. “Oh, what’s your sister’s name?” she was asked. “Emer!”

She now asks to have “Baby Emer’s Milk” instead of just milk. She accepts that rice milk and breastmilk are ok but Nea and Mammy can’t have cow milk, only Nana and Daddy can have cow milk. She has learned to distinguish between muesli and other cold cereals.

I’d love to guess at the extent of her vocabulary but I can’t imagine how I’d begin to do it.

I went to bed about 11 last night, got to sleep about 12:30. Tadpole is lively. Then Linnea woke shortly after six. So we were all up earlier than we’d like. However, it was cooler than last week at breakfast time, which was a relief.

About 9:30 it became obvious that Linnea was exhausted, and we went to bed in my room. In the end we got about an hour’s sleep from 10-11. I feel fabulous and Linnea is transformed.

She enjoyed her weekend away. Didn’t miss me a bit, which means we must be doing something right, and was pleased to see me when she got back, but not as pleased as she was to see the trike. Her sentences are clearer than they were on Friday – she’s grown some more grammar. And on Friday we were having salad, and she said “I can’t eat the rice.”

“It’s not rice, it’s couscous.”

“I can’t eat the couscous eeether.”

I thought that was impressive, but I’m not sure why. I think it was the use of “either” but I have no idea what that development represents. Anyway, she has also started answering “How are you?” with “My’s fine,” which is cute and useful, because a huge number of adults randomly ask toddlers the social non-question “How are you?” and I’ve seen Linnea and other toddlers hopelessly confused by it. I’m sure I’ve asked it myself, inflicting needless bewilderment on toddlers talking to me on the phone or whatever.

On Friday we did gluing and sellotaping with boxes and lollipop sticks. She’s not keen on sellotape; it’s more difficult to use than glue, though it does produce more instant results. She has expressed some interest in making things for the baby, or for Dave, but never follows through :)

Today I think we mainly need to assemble all the library books she took out the other week and get the bus to the library. I can’t wait until I can walk again. By the end of the day, seperating my knees enough to climb the stairs hurts like bejeepers (what useful swearwords I know when I try!) and lying down doesn’t help much. “Mammy take a baby out a you tummy now!” as Nea says.